Dynac AGM ST80 Semi traction

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Dynac AGM ST80 Semi-traction
Dimensions: L 354, W 175, H 190 mm


Volt (V): 12
Capacity (Ah / 20hr): 90
Capacity (Ah / 10hr): NaN
Capacity (Ah / 5hr): 80
Length (mm): 353
Width (mm): 175
Height (mm): 190
Total height (mm): 190
Weight (kg): 26.70
The 12 volt 90-ah AGM Semi-traction battery type AGM ST80 (Absorbing Glass Material = The acid is absorbed by the glass fiber between the lead plates so that it is no longer liquid). The AGM is used for various purposes to use long-term power. Ideal for eg. household - light - on board battery in the caravan, camper, boat, electric boating, radio, lighting, refrigerator, electric motor, whisper motor, bow rack, solar panels, stern, windlass, caravan mover, tipper trailer, water pump, electric fence device, tail lifts etc. You often see them in the Reclamation, Water Sports, Forest Agriculture and Transport. A suitable solution for every situation.

The benefits of an AGM semi-traction battery at a glance:

NEVER refill
Supply long-term power
Up to 80% discharged
Can be mounted on the side
A quality
Maintenance-free closed
Longer life than regular semi traction
Immediately ready for use

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